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On Friday, March, 13, 2015, ArlingtonFairfax Elks Lodge 2188 celebrated Thanksgiving in March with a group of 71 very special guests. The Lodge Veterans Committee had been planning this evening since October to host a Friday Night dinner to show our thanks to wounded soldiers and their families. The Veterans Committee partners with the Aleethia Foundation who coordinate participation and provide transportation for the guests.


We were honored to have 29 wounded/injured/ill service members at our Thanksgiving tables along with 44 family members and other special guests. Family members included 9 children under the age of 11 years old. 


The Lodge staff prepared turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, pumpkin and pecan pies, and the buffet was completed with homemade side dishes prepared by member volunteers. As 2188 Lodge volunteers are known to do, they came out in full force with homemade dishes requiring the staff to set up at least 4 additional tables for the buffet.


What can't be said in words is totally displayed in pictures showing the happy faces of our guests and members at this event. Thank you to 2188 member, Art Wyman, for capturing the evening in pictures. The smiles on all of the faces tell the true story of this night!


The guests were thrilled when we provided them "takehome" containers for leftovers. Almost all of the guests took food home with them to enjoy later.


Thank you to Fredi Hensley and Linda Gardner for bringing an idea to successful fruition. A million thank yous and kudos go to Laura Todd and Zelma Vargas for keeping the wine and food flowing! A special thank you goes to all of the Lodge members who brought food for this event. More than 40 Lodge members donated food and/or turned out to show support for Thanksgiving in March. That's the kind of generosity and willingness to help out that made the night such a huge

success. It was a special evening at Elks Lodge 2188 and we are looking forward to hosting another Friday Night Dinner in the future.


We posted a collage of some photos on Aleethia Foundation's Facebook page:


Again, thanks for a wonderful evening! Great Food!

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